Tempers will fray

When we arrive we'll have a good couple of weeks work to get the boat up to scratch for sailing again.  It's a trying period of endless lists and general frustrations of sourcing stuff you need in a foreign land without a car... in French.... all in oppressive humidity.  Tempers will fray.

I love cleaning! (not).  There will be a lot of that to do.  I’m holding out hope but the realistic forecast is for lovely layer of mold on every surface inside and out. Man, before I left I BOMBED that boat with vinegar, but you cannot believe the amount of misty, tropical, volcanic, waterfallish vapour that particular location brews.  It's the steamiest several square miles on Tahiti I’m sure.

Additionally, theres heavy lifting and toxic painting to keep reefs in the water and not on Blue Heeler 1.  You all loved that picture of me up the mast but I tell you thats hard work (I had to lie down for a while after that)!  We have the lovely Teaghan joining us again so an extra set of hands will be welcome for the myriad of jobs whilst entertaining tetchy, relocated youngsters...

Depriving the groms of surf on the doorstep (like we have in Mona Vale) for anything longer than several days will ensure a tricky time too.  We’ll have to just get into the tropical pace of life - move a little slower, smile a little easier, and… get ready to sail in Tahitian time.