Church on Sunday

We Are Welcomed // Press play on Church 1 as you read - Trust me it will transport you to a wonderful world of Ukulele Church Worship.

People clustered together in different parts of the pews, who later turned out to be groups with their own musical offerings. There were ukuleles, guitars, and sweet harmonies.  The music is cheery and makes me smile; nothing of the sobriety I associate with church and Christian worship.

Sunday best is colourful printed fabric dresses - hibiscus and ferns and lace in pinks, purples, reds, greens - accompanied by elaborate woven rattan hats.  The men suffered long trousers and closed shoes in the heat for this one day of the week.

The sermons were interspersed with music every 5 or so minutes.  Groups within the congregation have clearly practiced a lot and enjoy their offering.  After the Lords prayer, the whole church all joined in on one song they clearly felt deep in their hearts, and I was moved by the sense of community cohesion.

They insisted we join them for communion - gluey cubes of taro and coconut water!  Afterwards everyone cued at the door to kiss either cheek and shake the hand of the preists and pastor.  “Bon Dimanche!” they say – Have a good Sunday! And off they go to enjoy their day with family and food – no shops, no work – old style.