Some of the communities we'll be visiting may need to move away from their islands within a few generations as a result of rising sea levels.  Who will recieve these climate refugees?  How will they continue their cultural practices?  How will they preserve their identity?

hoto Credit: Peter Hellberg

South Pacific Voices

Music and singing are central to South Pacific culture (think ukuleles and four part harmonies).  What better way to make a real connection as we travel than to play and record the music of the people we meet?  Remote island communities welcome a gift of ukulele or guitar strings - we plan to exchange them for a jam session and sharing some good times.  We will record their music and upload it here for your enjoyment.  You can listen to it on our sound cloud account; standby for updates as we travel!

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku
Ghost nets rescued from the ocean or washed up on the coast are shredded, melted and remoulded into these 100% funky glass frames

Dresden receives regular parcels of old fishing nets that have washed up on the beach from a Ranger in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.  They convert these directly to frames for prescription or sunglasses.

Vision with Dresden recycled specs

We've teamed up with the cool folk at Dresden Optics to help raise awareness about marine litter, while helping some of the people in remote islands of the South Pacific.

The guys who brought you Go-Get Car Share have turned their efforts to producing prescription quality funky specs in a classic design, all made from recycled plastic.  Of course they have a marine litter range AND they have just perfected producing their frames from ghost nets; the free floating fishing nets that are devastating to marine life, especially cetaceans.

A problem for remote island communities is lack of access to optometry and glasses, which prevents them from performing crafts and tasks related to their daily lives as well as traditional cultural pursuits; think - weaving fishing nets, making rattan mats for housing, not to mention tatooing, a Polynesian tradition we love! We figure improved vision will help the older members of the community not only to continue their craft but to pass it on as well.

We will travel with a collection of Dresden glasses on board to exchange for fish, coconuts or permission to anchor in local waters.  We will collect sample amounts of marine litter from beaches for conversion into frames in Sydney. Each item sold in Sydney will contribute to marine litter awareness as well as great causes such as Tangaroa Blue Foundation.  

This mission will be a pilot project to research the viability a repeatable, light weight optometry service that can travel to these areas on cruising boats travelling westwards from the Americas.



Stoked!!  In a new development: we will be cataloguing our collections of marine litter to help the good work of Tangaroa Blue!  They are compiling the  Australian Marine Debris Database to help understand the flow of rubbish around the oceans. Click here for more info.

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Video Art - Production and Performance

We're thrilled to have the company of Daniel Nimmo, Sydney video artist and international odd ball.  Master of invention and high tech delivery, Daniel comes on board to document part of the journey, with potential to folding the experience into live theatre upon return.  Daniel's experience in crossing cultural barriers, warming up a live audience, and connecting with humans he's never met will produce awesome results for you to watch here as we travel the journey.

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